No Drink On Board
Spirits Forbidden
No Unauthorised Persons Beyond This Point
Open Flame And Smoking Prohibited
No Naked Lights Beyond This Point
Unauthorised Persons May Not Service Machines
No Hot Work During
No Admittance Without Ear Protection
No Unauthorised Person May Touch This Gear
Do Not Clean Or Oil This Machine
Fork Lift Trucks Prohibited In Pedestrian Route
Stop - Security Control Station
Restricted Area
Do Not Switch On Under Maintenance
Switch Off Mobiles
Do Not Use Unless Guards Are In Position
Do Not Remove Guards
Do Not Throw Garbage Overboard
Do Not Watch The Arc
Do Not Touch Men Working
Do Not Extinguish With Water
Do Not Open
Keep Out
Do Not Carry Out Maintenance Work On Running Machi
Unauthorised Persons May Not Service Machines
Do Not Operate
Do Not Switch Off
Do Not Drink
No Admittance
Do Not Touch
Do Not Enter The Pump Room
Authorised Personnel Only
No Entry To Unauthorised Personnel
No Exit
Do Not Enter
No Access To Car Deck
No Entry
No Hot Work
No Naked Flames
No Matches
No Smoking Beyond This Point
This Is A No Smoking Area
Smoking Strictly Forbidden
No Mobile Phones
Do Not Extinguish W/ Water
Do Not Clean Or Oil
Do Not Operate
No Drinking Water
Do Not Touch
No Access
No Entry
No Matches
No Smoking